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Epigenetics for the Practicing Clinician: The Science of How Environments Shape Health 2021

Ended Apr 30, 2022

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

This Epigenetics course is geared for absolute beginners--you may not even know what the epigenome is, but by the end you’ll be well-versed in what it is and why it matters!  It’s translatable to real patient care, and will help you teach your patients about the physiology behind many health behaviors we advocate, like exercise and smoking cessation.   You’ll be able to teach parents WHY it’s great to let their kids play in the mud, and why soy formula might not be a good choice unless a true allergy is present.  You’ll have the latest on how marijuana affects sperm, and how stress gets literally embodied, contributing to health disparities.  You’ll also know what to say when your clients come in with ads for supplements that promise to change their epigenome for the better. There are lots of videos to keep you interested and cut down on reading,  and interviews with leading scientists in the field.  Come get your geek on, and enjoy learning about this fast-developing field!